Easy Gluten Free Banana Choc Muffins

My friend Dee of Mamalicious Mamas shared a simple flourless, peanut butter, banana, chocolate chip mini muffin recipe. I had all the ingredients on hand (it literally uses 4 main ingredients), so I… Continue reading

Floral letters for a nursery

While online shopping, I came across the most beautiful nursery wall art: baby’s first initial, covered in gorgeous flowers (you can see from my previous posts how much I love fake flowers). The… Continue reading

Enhance inexpensive decor with spray paint

A can of spray paint can transform a $2 glass vase into something special. Pop a bouquet of brightly coloured faux fleurs into it and it goes from special to extraordinary. Don’t believe… Continue reading

Sass up your lightswitch covers

It was Thursday night. J-Dub was away for the week. I had the house all to myself and I had some BIG plans… The lightswitch covers were gettin’ painted. Aw, yeah!!! Yes I… Continue reading

Well, hello there

I’ve never blogged before. But since I moved into my own home (with husband, J-Dub) this past Fall, I’ve been embarking on many an adventure in DIYland and Newrecipeland. And I want to… Continue reading

Make your own: wine glass charms!

So I was on the hunt for lovely little charms with which to decorate my very plain, very affordable IKEA wine glasses. And then I remembered the bag of jewellery-making accessories gathering dust… Continue reading